Thursday, June 18, 2009

thursday 6/18/09 & my to do list

troy should be here around 11:50a.m. hes gonna be surprise to see his room..rob got him a laptop and a cell phone..snacks that are just for him and toileties just for him..he will have cable tv a raido in his room..cant believe he will be here today..i just pray he doesnt slip into his oldd bad habits..

make our bed
have the boys clean their room DONE
dishes DONE
wipe down table counters and stove DONE
sweep kitchen floor DONE
tidy up livingroom DONE
put away roberts clothes DONE
wash clothes
lunch DONE

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TUESDAY 6-16-09

well today is another low key day..ssdd just finishing up my todo list from the last two tonight is movie night not sure what we are gonna watch yet..rob is picking up taco bell for dinner and a at roberts school its school color wear something red and white.. so nice now that when robert gets home from school there no homework to do he can play longer outside with his friends..he goes outside to play with his friend at the playground and i dont have to be there to watch him every housing here is very small about 24 units and only 9 families live here this place is a ghost town..lolonly thing new i had to add to my to do list is..

wash a load of whites..

Monday, June 15, 2009

monday 6/15/09 & my to do list

well after today robert will have 7 days of school looking forward to not having to get up at 6:00a.m. and no part of this summer troy will be here..this house is a mess
mostly from moving things around making room for troy..he will be here thursday afternoon..woot!!i just dont feel like cleaning..nothing new going on today ssdd here.. off to make my to do list hope to get something done today..hehe
**********my to do list**********
make our bed
have the boys clean their room DONE
wash a load of clothes DONE
clean livingroom DONE
clean both desk again DONE
dishes DONE
clean table off DONE
wipe down stove,counter tops DONE
sweep kitchen floor DONE
mop kitchen floor DONE
clean downstairs bathroom DONE
take broken down boards to the trash pile DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
tidy up our room
clean both upstairs bathroom if i get a chance boys bathroom done
make menu and list DONE

Thursday, June 11, 2009

THURSDAY 6/11/09

ssdd here finish up the to do list from not much going on. later i need to give joseph and william a bath..around 3 the speech person will be here to see joseph..gonna be a mad house cause i will have all 3 of them here when shes tomorrow is roberts soccer practice hope rob gets off work early enough to take robert and william have been playing soccer since april..their last game is june 20 which is a make-up game..they love it and they have lots of fun.. rob is starting to get stuff out of our room/his closet cause i have someone coming over later he put it all in the laundry room and i cant get into to wash clothes..aagghh gonna just clean the micowave and downstairs bathroom today..i got my desk cleaned need to clean off robs desk and the book case but will do that tonight or tomorrow..well gota go a dirty diaper is calling

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wed. 6/10/09

wow 2 days in a roll i posted its gonna not much going on here today same ole same no really to do list just finish the one from yesterday..i cant believe troy will be here next still sore from mondays workout..joseph is in early intervention program here.they come out to the house a couple times a month to work with him..hes 20 months old and he only says dada and uhoh..still hasnt said mama yet..grrrr we are working with signs with him he knows how to sign more,eatdone..he use to sign them well now we ask him does he want more or if hes done by signing and when we get it right he they will come out to the home till hes 3 then if he still need E.I. then he will go to preschool till kindergarten(just like troy and robert did) robert got all his homework done this week..this week is their last week of homework..woohoo!! no more homework this year!!!!!!!!well gotta go check on williams room he says hes done

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Tuesday 6-9-09

wow its been like forever since i posted..this week i really need to clean house and get troy room ready for him..he comes home next week..then back to va for the trial in july..hope its a one day trial so troy can come back and get on with his life and all..roberts last day of school is june already counting down the days till school starts this umm 92 days to go..lmao man i need to blog so my house will get clean and i can lose this weight im stuck between 157-159 blah!!! when i left fl i was 139lbs. so within a year i gained 20lbs. acckk!!!i worked out a little yesterday and man im sore joseph is getting big my baby is 20 months old..aackkk and just a little over 4 month troy will be 18!!!!man my hair is turning grey just typing william is doing great..hes very good at math and all and has never been to school/preschool you can give him addition math and he can give you the answes without count his fingures..only numbers that add up to 10..rob is also doing well..loving shore well i need to make my to do list am sure its gonna be might turn out to be 2 or 3 day to do

**********my to do list*********
make my bed
have the boys clean their rooms and make their beds DONE
dishes DONE
clean off counters,table,stove DONE
sweep the kitchen floor DONE
mop the kitchen floor DONE
wash clothes
tidy up the livingroom DONE
vaccum livingroom DONE
clean all 3 bathrooms
go through some more of the kids toys
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
help robert with homework(last week of homework)woohoo!! DONE
clean off both desk
clean the book shelf
clean catbox DONE
clean micowave
take trash out DONE