Wednesday, July 22, 2009

my to do list & my diet/workout blog

well since the thing already puts the date in it i just don't have to retype anyhoo i want/need to start working out and writing down what eat and all and still do my to do list..last night we order chineese food my biggest weakness..i hate all of mine like i aways do and everyone else eats half of theirs and saves the rest for lunch the next day..i so need to get off my butt and workout once a day or something..i need also to drink water.. i haven't been drink any in awhile.well not sure how im gonna post

*****my to do list*****
make our bed DONE
dishes DONE
clean off the counter,stove and table DONE
sweep kitchen floor DONE
take out trash DONE
clean cat box DONE
tidy up livingroom DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE

*****food intake*****
breakfast: diet mt.dew
lunch: turkey blogona and cheese sandwich
diet mt. dew
snack: sweet n sour chicken
dinner: bqq chicken and a ribs
snack:jelly and marshmellow fluff sandwich



Christy said...

this is a good idea kim i think starting in aug i am gonna join you chad goes on leave tomarrow so i wont have alot of computer time and i am sure i will be doing lots of fat girl things like eating out lol so i'm starting aug 1st with ya!! i need to lose 30 lbs what about you? i wish you were still here i would love to walk with you! how much longer yall got there?

navymomx4 said...

im at 159lbs i so wanna be 125lbs. we got about another 3 years here..not sure where we will go after that..