Friday, July 17, 2009

friday 07/17/09 & my to do list

not much going on today..robert cleaned the livingroom up without being asked to..soo cool..this week i lost 3lbs. im not sure how i did that..i didnt workout at all..but hey im not compaining i will take the troy is out job hunting.. not sure if i blogged about it or not but troy is taking a GED class 3 nights a week next month he will take his GED.. well nothing to do really.. want to do clothes but rob is taking a nap before he goes to workout then to work at 2p.m. this week is a slow week but starting Monday classes start back up..well i have a very small to do list

*****my to do list*****
make our bed
wash clothes
wipe down counters,stove and table
sweep kitchen floor

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