Saturday, July 11, 2009

court crap stuff agghh

my sister has been talking to the DA office..and they say Troy has to be there..grrr monday its just jury selection and to see if he pleads guilty or not.. so why the heck does he have to be there?? we are saving gas reciets and all for this trip and they should be able to pay us back for taking him back and forward..they also said that they got enough evidence that they are not gonna use troy in the trial if there is one but troy still has to be there for rob and troy are gona stay in md till monday morning then going to va to the court building for this mess then leaving there and go back to md for the night and on tuesday morning head home..they should be back in time for troy class on tuesday that way hes only gonna miss 1 night of school..if his father pleads guilt then there wont be a trial and troy will be all done with this..but if he pleads not guilty then they will set a trial date..which could be up to a year..and if they want troy to be at the trail then they would have to pay for his travel,stay and all..they are gonna talk to the judge about this too hes the only one that can dismiss troy from the trial.. we are soo praying that he pleads guilty so it will all be over with..or if not that the judge will dismiss troy from the trial since they are not gonna use him at sister might go talk to him on sunday to see if she can talk him into pleading gulity...and not put his kids through this..

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