Friday, July 10, 2009

07/10/09 & my to do list

yup been slacking ..summertime is here..i got all 3 little ones with me 24/7 this week has been nuts..between speech for joseph playdate at the park and aqarium im house got cleaned twice this rob took troy to md to mil house to pick up a cabnet thingy for waiting on my sister to call me when she hears from the DA office to see if troy Has to be there on Monday..if so the tomorrow rob is driving to my sisters dropping troy off and heading home if not well troy just comes home with rob on sunday..we are soo hoping troy doesn't have to go..tuesday troy start night classes for his GED..he goes mon,tues.and wed. at 6pm-8pm...he will have to go for about 4-5 weeks before he can take the test..and when he gets back hes gonna be looking for a im doing clothes and cleaning house nonstop till its done the boys are playing games..i hope to get it done tonight that way i have a whole day tomorrow with the wel gotta run joseph is ready for a nap..

*****my to do list*****
make our bed DONE
make the boys beds DONE
clean our room DONE
clean troys room DONE
clean robert/joseph room DONE
clean williams room DONE
clean our bathroom DONE
clean the boys bathrooms DONE
clean downstairs bathroom DONE
clothes DONE
clean livingroom DONE
dishes DONE
wipe down stove,table counters DONE
sweep kitchen floor DONE
mop kitchen floor DONE
vaccum the whole house DONE
trash out DONE
clean off both desk DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
workout DONE
tidy up the backyard DONE

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