Wednesday, June 10, 2009

wed. 6/10/09

wow 2 days in a roll i posted its gonna not much going on here today same ole same no really to do list just finish the one from yesterday..i cant believe troy will be here next still sore from mondays workout..joseph is in early intervention program here.they come out to the house a couple times a month to work with him..hes 20 months old and he only says dada and uhoh..still hasnt said mama yet..grrrr we are working with signs with him he knows how to sign more,eatdone..he use to sign them well now we ask him does he want more or if hes done by signing and when we get it right he they will come out to the home till hes 3 then if he still need E.I. then he will go to preschool till kindergarten(just like troy and robert did) robert got all his homework done this week..this week is their last week of homework..woohoo!! no more homework this year!!!!!!!!well gotta go check on williams room he says hes done

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