Thursday, June 11, 2009

THURSDAY 6/11/09

ssdd here finish up the to do list from not much going on. later i need to give joseph and william a bath..around 3 the speech person will be here to see joseph..gonna be a mad house cause i will have all 3 of them here when shes tomorrow is roberts soccer practice hope rob gets off work early enough to take robert and william have been playing soccer since april..their last game is june 20 which is a make-up game..they love it and they have lots of fun.. rob is starting to get stuff out of our room/his closet cause i have someone coming over later he put it all in the laundry room and i cant get into to wash clothes..aagghh gonna just clean the micowave and downstairs bathroom today..i got my desk cleaned need to clean off robs desk and the book case but will do that tonight or tomorrow..well gota go a dirty diaper is calling

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