Saturday, March 14, 2009

saturday 3/14/09

well today my biggest loser family cookbook showed up..i love it already.. rob and i were looking through it going i wanna make that and that..and we were like it only was that many calors. in it wow!!lol then we went through the house and cleaned out all the candy about 15lbs. of it yeah it filled a trash yesterday see the scales hit 154lbs. i wanted to cry..this pass summer i got down to 139lbs. and now i gained it all back plus some..i will be doing the wii fit more going to the gym few times a week and doing the shred(dvd)...and we all are gonna be eat right or trying to eat right more ordering pizza we are gonna make our own..and im gonna drink more water..i really bad about that i usually dont drink any at all.. instead of 3 sodas a day im going to 2 maybe someday down the road i wont drink any.. im gonna have rob take a pick of me in my binki if i can get into it..and every 5lbs. i lose i will take a pic... my goal weight is 125lbs.


Proudmommyandnavywife said...

I so know how you feel. Seems like at the beginning of this deployment I was losing weight just fine, but the closer its gotten to the end, I gain 3-4 pds here and there. I was like WTF! I have such a bad habit of eatting at night and hubby tells me tonight that he is trying this thing, that when he gets hungry for a snack or what not, he is gonna drink a glass of water instead. So I may try this, but damn, I love food too much. Its my enemy...So you really like the biggest loser cook book,huh. Well is there pretty easy meals in there, cause I thought about getting it too. How much was it? Good luck with the weight lost, I was hoping to be at 160 by summer, but keep staying around 195-200. This is the heaviest I have ever been. I can't believe it.

Anonymous said...

the book was $14.93 and the shipping was $6.95 i order it on the 12 and it got here on the yeah for ground delivery that was the recipes looks easy enough..i find it easy to buy one of those 32oz sports bottle and fill it up with water and keep it with you before you know it you finsh and when you drink 2 bottles of it that you 8 8oz glasses of water a beats getting up al the time with just an 8oz. cup and filling it up 8 times a good luck with your works outs and all..not much longer and he will be home..woohoo!!