Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday 03/13/09

i didnt get much done for my to do list today is finish yesterday to do list..
i order us the biggest loser family should be here tomorrow..woot!! i gain 2lbs this week..grrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!! i need to hurry up and get well so i can go work out at the gym.. i talk to troy the other night..hes doing well in school..last week they had a blood drive at his he was able to do that..they said he has ab neg. which they say is they had 4 needles in his arm..yup he did pass out the slept for a while then instead of sending him to class they sent home to sooo proud of him..he has a heart of gold..not much going on today just taking it easy.. well gotta go joseph is awake..

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