Thursday, March 12, 2009

3/12/09 thursday

wow ive been out of the loop lately..ive been playing the sims2 online and im sooo hooked on it the house is a mess i have stayed up till 2a.m playing..aagghh im not 20 any more and i feel ive hot rock bottom with my weight in august i got down to 139lbs now im 153.0lbs.. grrrrrr i havent done the wii in a week or so.. last few days i have been fighting a bad cold that the boys had..aagghh..the good news is rob hasnt had a cigrette in 9 days..woot..he wants to quit and get into shape and lose like 40lbs. last night he said he wants us both to reach our goal weight and to workout and eat right and all...we have a gym that we can go to just not at the same when hes off work i can go workout..gonna ask him to pick up a flyer from the gym and see what class they have and when..easy for him to do cause his work is right next to the gym.. william got his phyiscal for kindergarten for next year .next week is kindergarten registration and i all set for i printout the forms online and got them filled out.. rob took robert and william to the aquarium this past weekend..they had a blast rob got us a family thats really cool.. ihad fun with just joseph and then he went down for a nap and i got to enjoy me time it was well thats about it..i need to make a to do list today and get stuff done around here before i play the

**********my to do list**********
make our bed DONE
wash clothes DONE
unload the dishwasher DONE
wash dishes DONE
wipe down counter,stove and table DONE
sweep kitchen floor DONE
mop litchen floor DONE
clean livingroom DONE
vacumm livingroom
tidy up all 3 bathrooms
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
help robert with homework DONE
have the boys clean their rooms and make their beds DONE
clean desk off

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