Sunday, December 7, 2008

sunday 12/7/08 & my to do ist

acckk my keyboard is acting funny..anyhoo woke up to snow yes i said it the boys cant wait to go play in it..yesterday we went out shopping or try to so last night after the boys were asleep rob and i looked online and pick out stuff for the boys then print out the list hes going to the store to get them and anything the store doesnt have we are ordering it online..the house is a big mess right now might clean up some today..i clean better when robert is at school and rob is at with william i can put him on the computer joseph in his pack and play or lay him down for a next year its gonna be weird with only 1 kid at joseph is almost walking..not gonna make a to do list today..


Proudmommyandnavywife said...

THose are some pretty snow pics! Since were from Missouri, we are use to it and I actually miss snow. Love the beaches here, but I always enjoyed playing in the snow with my girls. Our hometown got a little snow, but it didn't stick. Well you and your family have fun in the snow and happy holidays. Good Luck shopping, I am finally done!

Anonymous said...

it melt all way before we got to go play in it..grrrrrr