Saturday, December 20, 2008

sat. 12/20/08 & my to do list

wow we got i will post some pics i took last night im gonna get more when the boys go out and play..rob is gonna build a snow man with them..yesterday we took the boys and got them snowboots..robert got spiderman and william got william got cars shoes..joseph just got new shoes(first time wearing shoes) i had to get mens boots cause everywhere was sold out in womens..aagghh rob got him we are all set..

**********my to do list*********
make beds DONE
clean kitchen
clean livingroom
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
wash clothes
get tree out and decorate it
have fun with the familyNEVER GONNA END


Christy said...

wow thats a lot of snow!! is it freezing there? its actually warm here it would probably be hot without the breeze!!

Anonymous said...

saterday wasnt too bad but today with the wind its