Thursday, October 30, 2008

thursday 10/30/08 & my to do list

last night i felt like shit..i was freezing,my whole body ache i was tired..i didnt get to clean up the livingroom or the kitchen so i have that to do today..blah!!today should be payday for us should show up by 8:00a.m. if it does then im going shopping already have my list/menu made.. yesterday went great with williams pat thing..he play with the stuff she had brought and joseph play with her too..she told me about a preshool program i called them someone is coming here next thursday to reg. william and im on the waiting list..which the lady from pat said they had a meeting and was told the list was empty or almost hopefully here soon william will go to it its like 4 hours long i have my fingers cross that he and i talk with troys school and on nov 13 we are doing a meeting about his IEP over the phone.. which is great i dont have to go to his school with the boys woohoo!!!!

*********my to do list**********

make my bed
make the boys beds
store DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
clean the kitchen
clean the livinroom
help with homework DONE

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