Monday, October 27, 2008

monday 10/27/08 & my to do list

omg 7:30 is not getting here fast enough..aagghh every morning im fighting with robert about something..grrr now william is up..acckk wish that boy would sleep in so that way after i got robert off to school i could lay down and rest till joseph woke yup im soo ready to go back to tomorrow is playgroup day..i wanna go but i hate the roads one way and narrow..and on wed is william pat day..where someone from the group/school comes here to plan actives for william and all that i can do with him and we do that till his next meeting wich is a in 2 months..

**********my to do list**********
make my bed DONE
make the boys beds DONE
tidy up the kitchen DONE
tidy up the livingroom DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
help with homework DONE
sweep the kitchen tonight
mop the kitchen
tidy up the bathrooms
vaccum the floors

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