Tuesday, September 30, 2008

tuesday 9/30/08 & my to do list

yesterday rob called me from his cell phone..woohoo!! it was sooo great to hear his voice..he still hasnt recieve his carepackages that i sent..they are in mayport waiting for him..thats messed up i sent them almost 2 months ago...so yeah im a little po about it..trying to debate if i want to go to roberts open house at his school tonight..i already meet his teacher at the iep meeting couple of weeks ago..i get to go shopping today..thinking about getting williams hair cut today..yeah gonna be out running around today..nex,commersary,walmart..think ill do walmart first since it will be open..lol nex and then the commesary..OMG im going shopping for b-day gifts for joseph..lol

**********my to do list*********
make my bed DONE
make the boys beds
tidy up the boys room
tidy up the kitchen
tidy up the livingroom
walmart go another day
nex DONE
commerssary DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
help with homework if any DONE
mop kitchen floor


Christy said...

thats so not cool your packages did not make it to rob!! i would be pissed! but at least they are not lost in the mail and he will get them soon! so is he gonna be able to come see yall before he goes to school?

Anonymous said...

nope..i wish he could..sucks hes gonna miss joseph b-day andd troys..