Thursday, September 11, 2008

thursday 9/11/08 & my to do list

aagghhh 9-11 i hate this day..cant believe its been 7 years..omg its like 45 outside brrrrrrrr.. that like winter in agghh i hate to see how cold winter is here then..lmao..i put roberts reportcard in his we should see..still haven't heard from rob yet..grrrrrrrr talk to his mom last night..she thinks if the school is willing to help him and get him where he needs and all then he should be in 1st grade..wait and see..

**********my to do list**********
make my bed
make the boys beds
tidy up the bedrooms
tidy up the livingroom DONE
tidy up the kitchen DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
store thought it was payday..duh!

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