Wednesday, September 10, 2008

school called!!!! UPDATE!!

roberts school called and said they think they misplaced robert..she was like he should be in 1st grade..shes looking at his iep and wondering why we held him back..i told her last lear his teacher said hes boredline so we held him sending to school tomorrow his reportcard.. she said they dont fail a kid unless needed and looking at his iep and all she saids hes right where he needs to after she looks over his reportcard from last year to try to see why..while shes doing this im talking with rob what does he think and all..and get with her to find where robert should be..repeating kindergarten or while its still early put in him 1st grade..hard to explain..blah!

school called this morning she was glad to get the suff i sent her..she said that his case is more difficult than she thought and has giving roberts info to the iep team there and on monday i have an meeting with all of them to see where to put robert..
i want sure what she meant when she said"his case was more difficult than she though"soo i called the school back..i love this place..she was so cool..i asked her about where they were thinking about placing robert..she said that the iep team is looking over everything and all and will know for sure what he needs and all and get him in the right place..i was like sorry for calling i know she is busy this time of the year..she was like no call her any time thats what she is there for...she was glad for the paperwork i sent her it tells them who robert is..blah i just wish we were here last year...
oh and he wont have homework that often...woohoo!!!lol


Christy said...

well what did you decide? i personally think if they are borderline they should stay back but at the same time sometimes these same kids get an awesome teacher and end up doing great!! and if he is having to hard of a time you or they can always put him back i guess???

Proudmommyandnavywife said...

Good Luck with that. I agree with Christy tho. But if they think he is ready, then I would probably go ahead and put him in 1st and see what he does. Kids can shock you sometimes.

Anonymous said...

still haven't heard from rob yet..and tomorrow im sending her a copy of roberts reportcard to school with robert..we will take it from there.i guess..

navymomx4 said...

this is the email rob sent me..
Yup, mom said the same thing I'm going to say. If they have evaluated
and think that he will work through first grade ok and just help him in
the areas he needs then by all means yes. I just don't want him to be
dependant on the extra help later like Troy was. You saw how hard it
was to get him to be away from that. So yes, if they feel he is ready
for first grade and will help him in his weak areas then he should be in
first grade.