Saturday, September 6, 2008

sat.9/6/08 & my to do list

i will be glad when this weekend ends not only because the kids will go back to school but becuase we are under a trpoical storm warning..go away hannan!!!!and ike im gonna be stuck in the house all weekend..housing has already sent out letters for us to be on our toes..and if we are in the warning for us to stay in the house.. yesterday i put the boys toys and pool in the garage just in case..i just pray that we dont lose power...anyhoo not sure if i posted this before or not but troy is in rotc in school and he says he made the drill team...his school is one of the best drill team in the US..i need to get a pic of him in his uniform..the other day he got his hair buzzed. it looks great..yesterday rober finally brought some papers from his teacher..hes in Mrs.Rayner class..only thing he need to bring to school is a box of tissues. and he has to bring his own snack everyday..if we like we can send in a snack for the classroom in case someone forgets to bring something...this month they are exploring the classroom,learning daily routines,and making new friends. working on "inside"voices and raising their hands to talk..shapes and colors and their theme will be apples...if they stay at this level robert will ace kindergarten for

**********my to do list*********
make my bed DONE
make the boys beds DONE
tidy up the boys room DONE
tidy up livingroom
tidy up the kitchen
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
have troy work on his chores


Christy said...

so i just looked at your profile are you down to 125 yet i saw you wanted to be that by Oct? and control your temper hows that going mines out of control lately i blame it on the pregnancy and lack of sex lol so hows the storm?? i am so glad we are not getting Ike!!! but bummer your getting hannah!!!

Anonymous said...

the lowest ive got was 139lbs. a couple of weeks ago..and now im slowly gaining again..aagghh..this past week i was in a better mood guess cause they were in this weekend im going nuts trapped inside all weekend.aacckk its a little windy here..the worst is suppose to be here around 2a.m. 35 to 40 mph winds gust up to 60..doesn't sound too bad..

Christy said...

thats pretty close to your goal and you are tall kim 140 on you is not bad at all! and yeah i am looking fwd to monday also lol its so nice when cheyenne and kyle are in school i do miss cody when he goes at noon but at the same time me and kk have a good time just chilling ;)