Saturday, September 27, 2008

sat.9/27/08 & my to do list

well joseph woke up last night with a fever..couldn't take his temp. cause william broke the thermoter..grrrrrr and this morning when he woke up he felt very hot..ive been giving him helps for a while..sometime today im going out to buy a new thermomter..gonna get the one you take in the ear if i can find one..troy spent the night at a friends house..just waiting for him to get home..found out yesterday the commersary here closes at 7:00p.m. i always thought they close at 9:00 glad i got there when i did i was heading to check out when they were annoucing to bring iteams up cause they were about to close...everything here closes early hell walmart close at 9:00p.m. not much going on today..

*********my to do list*********
make my bed
make the boys bed
tidy up the kitchen
tidy up the livingroom DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE

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Christy said...

yeah cody broke our thermometer a few weeks ago i need to get another also!! and i think the commissary here closes at 7 maybe 8?? but i think 7 Tues-sat and then Sunday at 6 cause i tried to go once late and they were closed! but the nex stays open till 9pm and well walmart never closes here lol! well i need to go i am so tired and sore man i can't freaking wait till next monday it feels like it will never be here thou!!