Monday, September 22, 2008

monday 9/22/08 & my to do list

update on troys grandma..she had surgery(not sure what kind) she did well with that her chance of making it went up.but we are not out of the woods yet only time will tell.. poor robert has a cold..gave him some med and will wait till 7:00 and see how he is doing..looks like he might stay home we will wives was good last always..not much going on here back to getting this place

*********my to do list*********
make my bed DONE
make the boys beds DONE
tidy up the boys room DONE
unload dishwasher DONE
tidy up kitchen DONE
tidy up livingroom DONE
clean downstairs bathroom DONE
sweep kitchen floor DONE
mop kitchen floor
vaccum floors DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
help with homework DONE
call scholastic DONE
call school about roberts lunches DONE

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