Tuesday, September 2, 2008

monday 9/2/08 & my to do list

woohoo tomorrow the boys go to school!!!!less than 24 hours from now..sweet!!! lol the house is clean just gotta keep it that way today..lol might go to the store today i dont know yet..lol the dog next door woke me up agghh my last day to sleep in..the boys slept till 8:00 for once all 3 slept till 8 but the dog next door woke me up..oh well.. tomorrow i will be up at 5:45a.m. i know roberts bus leaves the yard at 7:10a.m. not sure what time it gets here..i hope joseph and william will sleep..that way i only have to take robert to the bus stop.. the bus stop is like right outside.. well not much going on here..

**********my to do list**********
make my bed DONE
make the boys beds DONE
get the boys to pick up their toys DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
tidy up kitchen DONE
tidy up the livingroom DONE


Christy said...

so did you find out if you can get william in roberts school for free preschool? that stinks you will not find out your results for a week or 2 wow!!! i went out in town thou i didn ot go to nas jax so maybe since i went to a "real" doctor (lol) thats why i am getting it back so soon!

Anonymous said...

havent heard back from the lady yet..gonna give her a day or 2 after school has started..then call her again..my dr sent me to the local hospital for the ultrasound..then they send the pics to her for her to read it..