Friday, September 26, 2008

friday 9/26/08 & my to do list

i didnt get much done yesterday..dealing with boys with nast colds..aacckkk forgot how much snott can come out of a babys nose..yuck..last night joseph woke up around 2a.m. i go to give him his nuk but he didnt want it i picked him and omg hes burning up..took his temp. under his 103.1 shit..i gave him some motrin a bottle of water and sat down stairs rocking him..checked it 45 mins later it was down to 101.1..lay him back down he slept for another hour woke up so i went in and got him brought him to bed with me..after awhile i took him back to his crib..hes still asleep and hes not hot anymore so the fever finally broke thank goodness..if it didnt i would had woke up troy to have him watch the boys and all while i ran joseph to the er..i hate when my kids are sick..grrrrrrr its rainning here grrr im gonna wait for troy to get home from school to go to the store to get soda..dont want to drag the boys out in this mess with them sick..damn its

**********my to do list

make my bed DONE

make the boys beds DONE

tidy up the boys room DONE

clean kitchen DONE

clean livinroom DONE

lunch DONE

dinner ordering from pizzahut DONE

help with homework if any NONE

store DONE

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