Wednesday, August 27, 2008

back from the doctors

well im staying on the pills..the person that does iud wasnt there and i dont feel like going back for troy has poison some meds for hopefully that clears up..i have to go to the local hospital for a adbominal ultrasound to rule out a Arrhythmias(sp?) she said she could feel,hear and see like a pulse above my rib..she thinks its nothing but just wants to rule out an Arrhythmias... and i get to fast tonight for 12 hours and go to the lad in the morning for some blood work..aagghhhh

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Christy said...

sounds like you are gonna have a fun couple days like me i get to go to the cardiologist on Friday and then tomarrow i have my regular Dr's apt fun fun but yeah my mommas gonna be down so it will not be to bad and you have troy sucks hes got poison ivy thou lol!!