Wednesday, July 9, 2008

wed.7/9/08 & my to do list

my floors looks wonder how long will that last..not much going on today..i picked up the swiffer pads and it is frebreze scented..i still can smell looks gloomy i think its gonna be touch up day and tomorrow i will be cleaning over everything again..friday after the pre-inspection is over then it will be relaxing weekend only do the tidy then on monday cleaned top to bottom..then it will be packing packing with the help of in 10 days we move!!!omg it getting here fast..

*************** my to do list ***************

make my bed DONE

make the boys beds DONE

finish cleaning the stove out DONE

lunch DONE

tidy up kitchen(its clean now) DONE

tidy up the livingroom(its clean too) DONE

dinner DONE

sweep both bathrooms DONE

mop both bathrooms DONE


Christy said...

wow 10 days!!! thats crazy i'll miss ya kim!! you better keep your blog when you get there so we can still keep in touch and clean together lol ;)

Anonymous said...

oh i it will be sometime after the 24..rob has the cable and all gonna be hooked up on the 24..we will have cox...