Tuesday, July 1, 2008

tuesday 07/01/08 & my to do list

woohoo its finally july!!!! the deployment is 1/2 way way over woohoo!!!!!! this weeknd we are having our mid-way pinic..lol not sure if im going or not..lol rob decided when they get done with the deployment that he is gonna fly home to be with us for a week(on leave) before going to school in tx for a month..woohoo!!! he will be home just right after joseph first b-day..so we are just gonna wait till hes home to have cake and ice cream and all..way cool!! beats waiting till around thanksgiving to see him again..lol joseph is still asleep..yesterday he slept till 9;45..lol

*************** my to do list ***************
make my bed DONE
make the boys beds DONE
help clean up the boys room DONE
tidy up kitchen DONE
tidy up livinroom DONE
lunch DONE BLT'S
dinner DONE homebake
clean windows if needed
wipe down refrid. DONE
wipe down stove DONE

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