Thursday, July 31, 2008

thursday 7/31/08 & my to do list

aagghh im having trouble setting up our new email addresses..i hope rob can take care of it from the many things i need get to get set up and all..aagghh the fun of i just wanna stay home and do cant wait for that day..

**********my to do list**********
call tricare DONE
go to tricare office going tomorrow
call sara DONE
find someone that knows about the schools around here DONE
lunch DONE
wipe down bathrooms DONE
sweep floors
tidy up kitchen DONE
tidy up livingroom DONE
clean the pool out DONE
set the pool back up DONE
dinner DONE
clean desk off


Christy said...

so have you met anyone yet? and how do you and the boys like it now that you are kinda settled lol ;)

Anonymous said...

haven't met anyone yet..the house next to us is yesterday and today pretty much stayed home watching tv and had to watch amry wives online last night to get caught up on