Wednesday, July 30, 2008

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!

not really gonna do a to do list today...finally got cable,phone and internet...woohoo!!!!! lol this has been the move from hell..well to start off with we couldnt fit everything on me and the little guys started our drive to va..stop at a hotel in sc. then the next day drove to va and stayed at a hotel just up the street from my sister..we stayed there for 3 nights..rob and troy were in the truck heading to ri to drop off the first load..well then the truck broked down and they had to wait to get a new truck and had the guys unlad everything and load it onto the new the way the packed it gave more room so they decide to drive back to fl and get the rest of the stuff..well everything would not fit so they drove to va meet me at my sister and we drove up to md to stay at robs moms and drive to ri the next day..get here july 24 at 10:00p.m. so we just got blankets and stuff and slept on the floor..aagghh that was the next day unload the truck with 2 other guys helping..which was way cool..then first thing sat. morning i drove rob to the airport.. he flew back to fla he put everything else in storage till he finish the deployment/school and will haul it up in nov. when he drives up..he got the old house ready for inspection and all..thats all done now hes back on the ship out to sea again his truck is parked in long term parking on base..the boys are doing great...might take them to the pool this week..its free here..haha!!lolso far i like it here..the house is nice and

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Christy said...

uhhhhh i hate you i want to go to the pool for free we are broke so broke right now lol so i have to stay home instead of swimming for free lol!!! i am glad you made it safe and like the new place ;)