Saturday, July 12, 2008

7/12/08 & my to do list

wow it after 12 and im now just getting a chance to write a blog..lolwell i called this morning to make william a dr appointment and got one for today at 10:00a.m. i thought he just a cough/cold turns out he has bronchitis..poor guy..hopefully theses meds. that the dr gave him works.. william is one of thoses kids that dont act sick when he is..he has bronchitis and hes not slowing him down one bit..not much gong on around here..

**********my to do list**********
make my bed DONE
make the boyz beds boys are resting in there so screw
take william to the dr DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
tidy up kitchen DONE
tidy up livingroom
take trash out DONE

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