Wednesday, June 4, 2008

WED 6/4/08

one more day to wake up early..yesterday i almost got into a wreck on base..WTF!! i was on my way to the gasstation i had the green light so i was going straight across when this guy in a truck was making a right turn into the gas station..helloooo??? i was the light..he didnt even look to make sure no one was go straight i had to slam on brakes missed him by inches i blew my horn and was cussing him out..the chicken shit drove through the station and went around the back of the store/station i did see him go in so i guess he left..stupid ppl.. anyhoo robert has a party today and he gets to wear his im going to the store to get the wic stuff and buy more tape and some markers and a b-day present for one of roberts friends..oohh i have our new address and by looking at the map our street is a dead end..woohoo that would be sweet..and we are right outside the gate to get into the base..i got to talk to rob last night.. im driving to va/md july 20 with all the boys.. while rob does the last min stuff and the final inspection on the july 21 he drives the uhaul pulling his truck and meets me at his moms we spend the night at his moms and the next day we head to ri and stay in a hotel close to the base so on the 23rd we can check in and unload the uhaul and drop the uhaul off..then the 26th rob leave and heads back to fl. and we wont see him again till around thanksgiving..aaagghh..well i need to make my to do list

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