Tuesday, June 3, 2008

tuesday 6/3/08

all that cleaning i did and the boys messed it all up looks worse..today i have a wic appointment.. hopefully we get approved..that would be nice..today housing in ri suppose to call me with new address..well things didn't work out for troy about moving in with his friend so hes moving to ri with us..im gonna try to get him into the trade school thats is at the high school that he is going to they have a cullary class that he wants to do..see someday troy wants to own his own resturant..in ri the kindergaten cut off dates are anywhere from sept 1- dec 1...after sept 1 its a choice if you want to send them if they are ready looking at what they need to know to go that early william is way past that..im gonna try to send william to k next year...if they say no then he will go to pre-k.. yeah one of the thing s was he need to be able to count to 10 he can count to 30 byhimself and to 100 with a little help..sing the abc's he can do that plus he can reconzie the letter and hes starting to write his name..well i need to get dress and get the boys ready plus do my to do list..

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