Thursday, June 19, 2008

thursday 6/19/08

another day of cleaning..blah!! last night on farmer wants a wife he sent home the girl i wanted to win..amanda..grrrr if brooke wins im gonna i wonder if the nex has paint..hmm gonna go get paint this weekend.(i hope)well off to make my to do list..


Christy said...

so what channel and time does farmer wants a wife come on? that sounds funny! and the nex sells paint its over buy the toys its not a lot and its not cheap imo its cheaper at walmart but its a lot closer then walmart and sometimes that makes a big difference lol!!

Anonymous said...

channel 9(i think) on wed. night at 9:00p.m. next week is the last one..last wweek was a trip..they had 5 cows all were pergo but one and the girls had to checkand the girl with the cow that wasnt prego got sent back to the city..yup they had to put their arm up a cows p***y to see if she was or not..ewwwwww..lmao ifelt sorry for the girl that got sent back cause she stuck her arm up there for nothing..yeah it was