Sunday, June 8, 2008

SUNDAY 6/8/08

well last night i got the desk all clear off..for now all that is left to pack is the storage closet,kitchen and shed..then i will be scrubing floors,walls,and applances from now till we in the boys room every inch of their wall is marked with crayon some marker and a little bit of fingernail polish..aagghhh thats gonna big a job to take care of..i threw out the kids mats the tpe that looks like puzzles..aagghh they were soooo nasty..they been on the back porch forever..well off to make my to do list..


Christy said...

so are you going to church today? i think i am even thou i really don't feel like it! we are starting to get dressed now well ttyl ;)

Anonymous said...

no joseph still has a nasty cough and all..