Friday, June 13, 2008

6/13/08 to do list

make my bed DONE
make the boys beds DONE
tidy up the kitchen DONE
tidy up the livingroom DONE
pack some of the kitchen up DONE for now.. got the china packed and everything under the breaksbar..whaterver ya call
lunch DONE
put joseph clothes away DONE
dinner DONE
scrub the porch down(hopefully i can get this
take of the the fax with hhg gonna have to take care of this next week
take care of the paperwork with dmv aagghh no help there had to call the bank wont help me unless i bring in the poa..grrr


Christy said...

do you have a poa? i dont but i am suppose to be getting one soon! so is someone acually moving in to the new blue house?? also did you get your rake back? well ttyl i'm going to bed!!

Anonymous said...

yup i have one..thank goodness i just have to wait till monday to get anything done..yeah ppl already moved in.that was fast. lol they still have the rake those