Thursday, May 8, 2008

thursday 5/8/08

this is turning out to be a busy last we went to church tonight going to the meeting at the uso for our homecoming meeting...tomorrow joseph has a dr appointment..saturday robert has a party to go to..and sunday well other than that not much going on..


Anonymous said...

cool so how was it on wed night i have never been? where did you and the boys go? i have been wanting to go i just don't know where i would go cause isent it just classes and stuff??


Anonymous said...

it was good..troy went with the other teens robert went to william class cause he was having a melt down i was in a class not sure how they decide what group to put they were all different ages..they were nice and layed back..joked around with each bur starting in june everyone will be in church together for the summer months..not sure why..i dont know if i can handel robert and william in church hope this will be a wed thing not on sunday..

Anonymous said...

oh wow i am not sure i could handle cody either lol i am sure its hopfully just a wed thing haha
oh and watch out i am a cleaning fool today i'll do a to do list later when i start getting lazy and i will post everything i did i'm comming for ya today lol