Thursday, May 29, 2008

thursday 5/29/08

its 11:00 and im now just getting started to post for did some shopping for the week got stuff to last us till the 5th then on the 6th i can go back and get the rest while troy babysitts woohoo shopping with no while loading the van there was this duck that was following me..he/she was looking for food..but i cant feed it cause its agaist the law..well off to do my to do list.


Christy said...

its against the law to feed ducks!!!!!!!!!! what kinda world do we live in!!!! i fed the duck and so did kk and cody we gave it a bunch of cheetoos lol

Anonymous said...

yeah thats what my bagger told me..she said they use to feed them too but they got told its was against the law to feed wild life unless its in the park