Thursday, May 15, 2008

thursday 5/15/08

this is the email i got from rob about our next move
Hi hi,

Well anyway, I wanted to let you know I finally got my orders today. As I had expected, I will be going to school in Ingleside TX from about mid October to about Mid November finishing right before thanksgiving. The only trick is at the moment the orders have me departing the ship in September, and let me tell you, yea… that’s not going to happen. So the orders will likely be modified so that I leave the ship to go to school in October and don’t have to report to Rhode Island until late December vice early December.

I will be able to drive, so I’ll have access to maybe visit an uncle of mine, if of course he’s willing to put me up for a weekend or something J.

What I am going to try to ‘push’ for is transferring Kim et al during July. If we should happen to have our inport period, that will make it easier to accomplish. The idea though is I would like to have everyone moved by the end of the summer to not have to worry about transferring schools during November/December. We will if we have to do it that way, but I would prefer not.

Ok and while you all are enjoying your rainy to sunny days with temps above 80 degrees I’d like to mention that not about 10 minutes ago, I was out topside and we hit the front of a storm and I saw snow, flurries… so uhh yea.

Not much else going on, I just thought you would all like to know.


troy doesnt want to move this summer..he hoping for us moving this winter so he can have more time with his friends..i would like to move durning the summer so the boys wont be in school durning a if we move this summer..william will go to pre-k there from start to finish woohoo!!! 3 boys in school and only 1 at home sweet!!lol well not much going on off to make my to do list..

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