Saturday, May 31, 2008


woohoo its the weekend.the boys had me up around 6:00..grrrrrrr i parked my van on the street so later i can drive the truck around the base looking for boxes/yard sales..had the van early before the workers all hog all the street like yesterday..grrr..they worked yesterday till like 8;00p.m. WTF!! go home ppl..lollast night it was so nice to see our street empty..i think they are out there now..hate to see how this is gonna look like when we have the uhaul here we would need to park both van and truck on the street..or maybe just pulled the van all the way into the carport..i dunno just have to wait and see..ok off to make my list for today.


Christy said...

so did you find any yard sales if so how did you do?? i saw a ton off base but i am trying not to spend so i did not even stop i need to drive around tomarrow and see if theres any good trash out thou lol ;)

Anonymous said...

no i did go out today..i havent done anything on my to do list..