Friday, May 23, 2008

friday 5/23/08

woohoo its friday..just got back from walking robert to school...i like the raincover for the stroller.(thanks Michelle) as long as its not thundering and lighting or down pour i can walk and they will be dry..i dont mind getting problly feel anyhoo today is weigh-in 146.0lbs. woohoo a 2lbs lost this week..that makes it 2 weeks in a rool that i lost 2lbs in a week..go me go me!!! lmao.. wait till rob sees me when he gets back..ok enough chit chat i need to make my to do list and get busy so i dont have anything/alot to do this

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Christy said...

woo hoo thats awesome how much you are losing i think i am taking it from you lol!!!