Wednesday, April 16, 2008


aagghhhh i so don't want to be up ...cant wait for sat. to sleep in a little..lolits early release day today..which my day is goona becut short for cleaning..biggest losser was glad to see ali win..finally a woman won it..nothing new here same ole same ole..not sure if im gonna walk or drive robert to school today..aagghhh these boys are monsters in the morning..robert got a U in communications and a U in mathematics...if robert doesnt improve hes gonna repeat kindergarten next year.. :( i hope this is the last week of this cold weather..goona start working on my to do list for the day then finish getting ready and take robert to school..

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Christy said...

oh man that stinks about robert but ya no if they need to stay back they need to stay back cheyenne did and it helped her alot i think if she would have went ahead to 1st grade when she was not ready it would have been horrible for her!!