Sunday, April 13, 2008

to do list 4/13/08

finish washing clothes DONE
tidy the kitchen after kids go to bed tonight DONE (now if i can keep it that way)lol
clean off desk DONE
clean the little table off by the chair DONE
clean the livingroom(very messy) DONE
clean porch up DONE
clean off breakfast bar DONE
clean kids learning center up DONE


Christy said...

your doing good!! so do you think you are doing more with the list?? i know i am!!!!

navymomx4 said...

oh yes..all last week i kept saying im going to clean and never did..this weekend i started a list and my livingroom and kitchen is clean.

Christy said...

yeah i told ya it really works i think for me its that someone might be looking at my blog and i guess i just get a little excited that someone will see what i am doing lol i know dorky but whatever lol!!