Sunday, April 27, 2008

sunday 4/27/08

today i have very little to do..woohoo..i think i should do some research and find a church to go would be good for the boys find one with a good children church and has a great place for teens to go too..i try one church awhile back and there were no teen well not around troys age.. so yeah i need to find one that would work for all of us..and that dont care what you wear to church well off to get started on my to do

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Christy said...

ohhh come with me chads only gonna be here for 3 more sundays we were going to the vineyard but just started going to celebration baptist church on wonderwood the kinda big one with the green tin roof they have a great program for kids and i think teens also and i wear shorts and jeans some wear dress's but not many ;)