Sunday, April 13, 2008

sunday 4/13/08

well robert and william slept till 7:30a.m. wish they will sleep in till 8:00a.m. on days theres no aaagghhh its rainning out..hope it clears up..i so can't wait for june 8 the new season of army wives start back up..woohoo!!!!biggest job today will be cleaning the livingroom..other than trying to do the list and take care of the boys not much else to off to make my list..

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Christy said...

ya no kim we took our tv out of the living room and it stays pretty darn clean now!! and whats army wives?? oh yeah guess what time me and kk woke up today............9 45 omg huh hahahahahahahaha it was awesome thats the longest i have slept in 8 years probley lol!!