Wednesday, April 30, 2008

to do list 4/30/08

dishes DONE
sweep and mop the kitchen floor
tidy up the livingroom DONE
pick robert up from school..early releas day today..last one..yeah!!! DONE
go shopping if i can get troy to watch the kids if not go tomorrow DONE
help with homework DONE
dinner DONE
make all beds DONE


aaccggg i woke up too early my sinus is driving me nuts..looking at the income guidelines for wic it looks like we make too much..if formula goes up because of the gas prices if i could i would put joseph on whole milk and get him off of formula..he has a check up next friday gonna see when the earliest i can is early release day..the last one for this year woohoo!!!lol well off to make my to do list..

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

my to do list 4/29/08

meeting with roberts teacher DONE
dishes DONE
make my bed DONE
make the boys bed DONE
make sure the boys pick up their toys before going to bed (its clean now) DONE
pick robert up from school (do I have to? lol) DONE
dinner DONE its in the cockpot cooking
clean the lien closet DONE plus doing a load of towels,washcloths that were on the floor in the closet
wipe down all counter,stove,and table DONE
clean out the van DONE

tuesday 4/29/08

getting a late start today..haha.just got back from talking with roberts teacher..robert is boreline.mental hes not fully ready for 1st grade. but he does know the work when he wants to. he said she feels bad about holding him back..i told he if hes not ready he just not ready to move on..i would rather he be held back and get where he needs then to move on and struggle in 1st grade..not much to do today..woohoo!! off to make my to do list

Monday, April 28, 2008

4/28/08 to do list

dishes(run dishwasher) DONE
get trash out DONE Troy did it before he left
wipe down all counter,stove and table DONE
tidy up livingroom DONE
make my bed DONE
make the boyz bed DONE
help boys pick up their room DONE
pick robert up from school DONE had to drive cause of the weather
help with homework DONE did 3 days worth(mon. tues. wed.)
dinner DONE i just made lunch and there enough for dinner
unload dishwasher DONE
start on our menu/list DONE

monday 4/28/08

woke up with a sore throat..i barely can talk right now..thelast 2 days my throat was scratchy..gotta check the weather to see if im walking robert to school or not..woohoo its monday oh i can't wait to get robert to school hes being a pain in the azz right now..lately he has been mean to everyone..well mean to so not looking forward to school letting out for summer..only thing i will like about it is no more homework and i can sleep in..tomorrow i have a meeting with his teacher gonna see if she can write down their schedule/ i can do this at home this summer to keep him and william busy..well gotta go make my to do list..

Sunday, April 27, 2008

sunday 4/27/08

today i have very little to do..woohoo..i think i should do some research and find a church to go would be good for the boys find one with a good children church and has a great place for teens to go too..i try one church awhile back and there were no teen well not around troys age.. so yeah i need to find one that would work for all of us..and that dont care what you wear to church well off to get started on my to do

my to list 4/27/08

1 load of clothes(sheets) DONE
wash the boys toy DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
help the boys make their beds DONE
make my bed DONE

Saturday, April 26, 2008

my to list for the weekend of 4/25/08 part 2

take truck for a ride DONE
get troy to do the boys bathrooms,clean his room,and wash his clothes He's working on it
help robert with his reading homework DONE
lunch DONE
dinner Troy has started preheating the over..hes making dinner..DONE
clean my room OMG!! IM DONE!!!!!!
keep the rest of the house tidy up So far so good


last night one of troys friends(Robert) spent the night..they stayed up till 1:00a.m. playing games..i got 1/2 our bedroom cleaned last night gonna work on it some more today and hope I can get it done..what i didnt do yesterday gonna add it to my list troy is gonna go rake leaves and make some money..poor joseph last night kept waking up..he didn't eat much yesterday..hope hes not coming down with something..well off to make my to do list..then to the store to get diapers and formula..

Friday, April 25, 2008

my to list for the weekend of 4/25/08

dishes DONE
wipe down all counter tops,table,stove DONE
clean the micowave oven DONE
take trash out DONE
all floors DONE
clean the livingroom up DONE
my bathroom DONE
make sure troy does his room,the boys bathroom,his laundry (he does this on saturdays)
laundry DONE
make my bed DONE
put the 2 big boxes of stuff aniamls into the boys closet DONE
dinner DONE
pick robert up from school DONE
do the reading homework with robert
take the truck for a drive around the base(tonight or this weekend so troy can watch the boys)

friday 4/25/08

TGIF!!! robert woke me up before my alarm went alot of cleaning to do today since i didnt do it yesterday..gonna make it a a weekend to do list and hopefully i can get it all done today so i have the whole weekend with the boys..i sent a note to roberts teacher saying we didn't get a chance to do the reading for homework so we will do it this weekend and turn it in on monday..maybe this weekend i can get the boys outside for a walk or taking them to the playground..wish i could take them to the beach but i cant handel them two plus take care of joseph and i dont have a way to keep the sun off joseph except the jogging double stroller onto the beach..grrrrrr well off to do my to list and finish getting the boys ready..

Thursday, April 24, 2008

my to do list 4/24/08

tidy up the house
pick robert up from school DONE
help robert with homework DONE
dinner DONE

thursday 4/24/08

getting a late start on my blog today.troy had court this morning..drop robert with christy so she could take him to school..thanks christy!!!!! anyhoo we get there and the case had been dropped yesterday..woohoo!! no charges or anything..sooo glad its over with..troy turn in an application for mcdonlds here on base and she hired him on the spot..she said she will call this week/weekend when she does the schedule...he can only work friday after school and the weekend till school lets im just gonna

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

my to do list 4/23/08

dishes DONE
sweep the floor
wipe down all counter,stove,table DONE
take trash out DONE
pick robert up from school DONE
dinner DONE
get stuff together for tomorrow DONE
make sure troys clothes are clean and ready to go that he is going to wear DONE
set alarm clock DONE


another day of nothing to do..i woke up with the sneeze to wake the boys up so they can start getting dress and all.looks gloomy not sure what the weather is gonna be like today..not much to say today so im going to go do my to do

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my to do list 4/22/08

dishes DONE
make rob cd DONE
pick up robert from school DONE
help with homework DONE
dinner DONE
go for a walk/take kids to the playground DONE
take the truck for a drive around the block

tuesday 4/22/08

hello hello again..hope everyone is having a good day today..i was sleeping so good till my alarm clock goes i didn't want to get up..nothing plan outside with the boys yesterday. i think i will move their bed time to 8:00p.m. instead of 7:00p.m. yesterday they went to bed at 7:45 and they slept till i got them up instead of waking up early before my clock goes off..well i dont have much to do today..woohooo!!! gonna go to my to do list and get the boys ready to take robert to school..

Monday, April 21, 2008

to do list 4/21/08

unload dishwasher DONE
dishes DONE
wipe down all counters,stove and table DONE
sweep and mop kitchen floor DONE
help william pick up toys DONE
pick robert up from school DONE
homework DONE
dinner DONE
call the dealership about the title DONE

mon 4/21/08

i so didn't want to get the boys woke up around 4a.m. i had to tell them to go back to bed..after that i was in and out of sleep..yeah!!! its monday kids back to favorite time is when i get home from taking robert to school and i get william and joseph taken care of so i can do want i want to robert and william are up now..joseph is still asleep..i have a little bit of cleaning to do..didn't to too much over the to make my to do list while the boys are eating..

Sunday, April 20, 2008


dinner DONE its cooking in the cockpot
dishes DONE just need to keep up with it
tidy up
just kick back and relax today
get roberts stuff ready for school for tomorrow DONE

sunday 4/20/08

looks likes it nice outside..i haven't been out yet..last night rob got to good to hear his voice..he got to tell the boys hi and goodnight..i miss my so dreading thursday..i hope i can get someone to take robert to school for me that day so he wont miss school.. not much going on today nothing plan..

Saturday, April 19, 2008

to do list 4/19/08

sweep and mop kitchen floor..
dishes DONE
store DONE
lunch DONE
dinner DONE
going for a walk or workout


wow joseph slept for 12 hours last night!!! too bad his big brothers dont they were up till 10:30p.m last night and was up around 6:30a.m. grrrr!!! not much going on here need to go to the store and pick up a few things to put into robs care package..i so just wanna go back to bed.. hopefully sometime today i can get robert and william outside to ride their bikes..robert got the citizenship award and one for bring in some to to my to do list

Friday, April 18, 2008

to do list 4/18/08

unload dishwasher DONE
2 loads of clothes DONE
go to the awards thing at robert's school DONE took pics but i didnt have the card in my camera..grrrrrr
pick robert up from school DONE
dinner DONE
take trash out DONE

Friday 4/18/08

TGIF!! hopefully I can sleep in trying to get the boys up and ready to take robert to is the award thingy am going to try to make i will leave early to make sure i have a parking spot and a good seat.. heard last time it was packed..i just hope william will be good..hope the double stroler fits in there..not much else happening this weekend..we are walking this morning..glad it warming up..hope it stays warm more cold fronts i lost 2lbs this week..woohoo!!! go me go well off to make my to do list..

Thursday, April 17, 2008

thursday 4/17/08

nothing new going i sound like a broken last night i drove rob's truck for the first i drove to the dick's wing here on base and what a difference from driving the i will be glad when this cold front is over and it warms back up..looks like i will be driving the van this morning instead of walking..not looking forward to cleaning robert and williams room..well gotta get these kids in the van aagghh william is already driving me nuts..drop robert off at school and on our way back to the van william runs from me and i have to case him he almost ran out into the street im yell/screaming and cussing him out..right now hes locked in his room..aagghhh!!!!

to do list 4/17/08

clean the boys room DONE!!! I DID IT!! plus got their clothes in the wash(laundry is friday)sweet 1 load of clothes that i dont have to do tomorrow
dishes DONE now to clean them afier each
pick robert up from school DONE
dinner DONE Troy reheated the leftovers
homework DONE

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

my to do list 4/16/08

dishes DONE
clean joseph room since rob piled stuff in there DONE!! OMG I DID IT!!WOOHOO!!!!
pick up robert from school (nice enough to walk today) DONE
homework DONE
dinner DONE
try to get the pics onto a cds to send to rob and 1 to his it saved to a folder now just need to burn it to a blank cd..


aagghhhh i so don't want to be up ...cant wait for sat. to sleep in a little..lolits early release day today..which my day is goona becut short for cleaning..biggest losser was glad to see ali win..finally a woman won it..nothing new here same ole same ole..not sure if im gonna walk or drive robert to school today..aagghhh these boys are monsters in the morning..robert got a U in communications and a U in mathematics...if robert doesnt improve hes gonna repeat kindergarten next year.. :( i hope this is the last week of this cold weather..goona start working on my to do list for the day then finish getting ready and take robert to school..

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

to do list 4/15/08

shopping DONE
finish cleaning our bathroom DONE
pick up some in our room
call maintace to fix our toilet
get Troy to clean kids bathroom DONE
pick robert up from school DONE
help with homework DONE
take trash out DONE
dinner DONE
dishes DONE
start on joseph room could be a few days to do
watch biggest losser DONE

tuesday 4/15/08

im getting the boys ready to take robert to weird had the ac for awhile and had to turn on the heat damn this robert gets his reportcard..i cant wait to see it..i need to do my to do list today cause i need maintance to come over and fix our toilet in our bathroom..aahhhhh!!!!im gonna stop putting tidy the house up on my list cause im gonna do that everynight after the boys go to bed..well off to do my list..

Monday, April 14, 2008

to do list 4/14/08

tidy up kitchen/livingroom DONE
clean hallway DONE
clean our bathroom DONE for now have to wait till tomorrow to mop the floor need to buy new
make a menu/shopping list DONE
help robert with homework DONE
dinner order pizza DONE order dicks wing instead..should be here in 35 mins.
unload dishwasher DONE

monday 4/14/08

aagghh it monday..its suppose to be cold in the morning this week..grrrr i want to walk robert to school..its easier than loading everyone into their carseat driving to the gate getting everyone out of the carseat walking robert to class cause he wont go by himself then loading the other back in the carseat and coming and unloading everyone into the hmm nevermind i just stepped outside and its not cold a little chilly..hopefully cool enought to keep the bugs off nothing new today..same ole same ole...joseph is now rolling all over the the really fun

Sunday, April 13, 2008

to do list 4/13/08

finish washing clothes DONE
tidy the kitchen after kids go to bed tonight DONE (now if i can keep it that way)lol
clean off desk DONE
clean the little table off by the chair DONE
clean the livingroom(very messy) DONE
clean porch up DONE
clean off breakfast bar DONE
clean kids learning center up DONE

sunday 4/13/08

well robert and william slept till 7:30a.m. wish they will sleep in till 8:00a.m. on days theres no aaagghhh its rainning out..hope it clears up..i so can't wait for june 8 the new season of army wives start back up..woohoo!!!!biggest job today will be cleaning the livingroom..other than trying to do the list and take care of the boys not much else to off to make my list..

Saturday, April 12, 2008

just another saturday

nothing going on today trying to get some cleaning done..its nice outside today..i miss rob already as most of you know hes on deployment for about 6 the evening durn the week and weekends are the hardest cause thats when he should be home..the kids miss him too..i got this idea from Christy to do a blog and make a list each day..hopefully that will help me get this place cleaned..lolwell thats it for now..

to do list for 4/12/08

do the dishes DONE

wipe down countertops DONE

wipe down stove DONE

wipe down table DONE

sweep kitchen floor DONE

mop kitchen floor almost done..mopped it once i need to go over it again

trash out DONE

wash clothes..Troy did his today..doing mine now and the boys i will do tomorrow

dinner by 6:00p.m. DONE( done by 5:00p.m.)